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    This page includes all links to information related to the licences available directly from Gramex.

    Please note that you can find the same information under the licence cards in the Buy licence list.

    Our licences are also available from Musiikkiluvat.fi (customer and personnel facilities) and from Teosto (events). You typically need a licence for your music from both Gramex and Teosto.

    TV and streaming
    Fee schedule – Copying phonograms to be a part of a visual recording (TV)
    AV presentations, recreational
    AV presentations, educational
    AV presentations, companies
    Fee Schedule – AV production (other than tv)
    Commercial radio
    School internet radio
    Short-term FM radio
    Fee schedule – Short-term radio broadcasting
    Short-term FM and internet radio
    Internet radio
    Fee schedule for internet radios
    Small-scale internet radio
    Fee schedule for small internet radios
    Radio on-demand
    Background music service providers
    Sports broadcasts
    Fee schedule – Phonogram music in sports programmes
    Community radio