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    Gramex provides phonogram licences for programmes, documentaries and short films that are broadcast via TV and streaming services.

    Who is this for?

    Gramex provides phonogram licences for AV productions intended to be broadcast via TV or streaming services, such as TV programmes, documentaries and short films. The licence is intended for copying the phonogram to the video recording and for using it on television, in the online service of the broadcasting company and in well-known SVOD services, such Netflix, HBO, Elisa Viihde and MTV Katsomo. The licence also allows the recording to be screened at film festivals. Gramex grants the licence for use in Finland or globally, depending on the phonogram and the agreement. Usage time is not limited. The licence enters into force after Gramex has submitted an agreement confirmation and the customer has paid the remuneration based on the agreement. Please keep in mind that you also need a Teosto licence.

    What does the licence not cover?

    The licence covers use of the phonogram as background music but not as theme music. Please note that the recording must be copied from a legal source. For instance, a song downloaded from YouTube is not considered a phonogram copied from a legal source. If the AV production is intended to be displayed at movie theatres, in an art installation, on social media or on YouTube or the phonogram is intended to be used as background music, in an advertisement or in a trailer, the licence is obtained directly from the rightsholders of the phonogram, i.e. record companies.

    If the AV content focuses on a certain artist/group or on certain artists/groups, Gramex must separately approve such use before the licence can be obtained. Please contact our customer service in such cases (see bottom of page).


    Television drama

    A scripted production intended to be broadcast on television and/or streaming services, not in movie theatres. E.g. a TV drama series, a single season drama series or a mini-series. Used only in Finland: €5.89 / second (incl. VAT 24%), used globally: €7.85 / second (incl. VAT 24%).

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    Music programme or documentary

    An AV production with music as its key theme, e.g. music quizzes and competitions, programmes and documentaries about music and the world of music. Used only in Finland: €4.92 / second (incl. VAT 24%), used globally: €6.56 / second (incl. VAT 24%).

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    TV documentary or short film

    Documentaries or short films broadcast on television or a streaming service or screened at a film festival. Used only in Finland: €2.94 / second (incl. VAT 24%), used globally: €3.92 / second (incl. VAT 24%).

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    Non-scripted and other TV programmes

    Non-scripted productions, such as reality and lifestyle programmes, game shows, talk shows and current affairs programmes. Used only in Finland: €4.42 / second (incl. VAT 24%), used globally: €5.89 / second (incl. VAT 24%).

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    Browse the phonogram database

    You can explore the phonogram database that includes titles under Gramex’s AV licensing. The database includes approximately 500,000 Finnish songs available for global use. For domestic use, there are 1.5 million Finnish and international songs available.

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    I cannot find the song I’m looking for at the Gramex online store. What should I do?
    You can contact Gramex directly by e-mail or phone.


    Remuneration is based on the use of the phonogram, and the size of the remuneration is determined by the AV production and the obtained rights.

    Billing and reporting

    The licence is paid upon purchase at the online store or by invoice issued by Gramex. No reporting is required if the licence is purchased from the online store.

    Contact us

    Contact us if you have any further questions regarding the licence or you need more details on the agreement.

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