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  • The power of music

    Music has a proven impact on health and well-being. It also improves sales and customer comfort.
    Music elevates storytelling, builds bridges between cultures and opens doors to new experiences.
    Discover studies and stories on the impact of music.

    Music improves sales

    Studies indicate that with well-chosen music, customers stay longer and spend more money in a store. The choice of music truly matters. Best results are achieved with music that is familiar to customers and aligns well with the company’s brand. Music from familiar artists evokes memories and emotions.

    Musiikkiala.fi assembles scientific research

    See examples on the impact of music at the Musiikkiala.fi website, a shared resource for all operators in the music industry. Gramex operates the site together with Teosto.

    Read how to make an impact with music

    Do you want to know how to use music to increase your revenue? Are you interested in reading how background music is used to influence emotions, purchase decisions and customer enjoyment? Explore the ‘Vaikuta musiikilla’ blog, available at Gramex’s ja Teosto’s shared Musiikkiluvat.fi online service.

    Studies available online

    About background music

    Read Jaakko Jäätmaa’s Master’s Thesis, “Background Music as a Marketing Tool in Finnish Department Stores.” University of Helsinki, 2007.

    About health benefits

    Read Dr. Teppo Särkämö’s doctoral thesis on how music can help your brain recover. University of Helsinki, 2016.

    About decorating with sound

    Read Anni Ranta’s Master’s Thesis on building soundscapes for business facilities. University of Tampere, 2006.