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    We promote a society in which phonogram music
    connects people, gives birth to generations and creates experiences that span continents.

    Gramex ry

    Music would not exist without the work of performers and producers. Gramex was established to help music performers and producers be remunerated for their work.

    We help music professionals focus on the important: creating new experiences through music. We also help companies and organisations that use music make it bring added value to their operation in a simple, responsible way.


    Gramex was established to help music professionals performing on phonograms and music producers be remunerated for their work.

    Our mission

    We pay out remunerations to music performers and producers.
    We also promote music in a variety of ways.

    International scope

    We operate internationally. We have cooperation agreements in place in more than 30 countries for reciprocal payment of remunerations.

    Transparency and data

    Transparency is important for Gramex. We want to explain even the more complex matters as simply as possible. Each year, Gramex publishes a transparency report and an annual review which describe the collection and distribution of copyright remunerations in figures.

    Stay on top of things

    Digital GramexPress is intended for Gramex clients and any music lovers. Edited by skilled writers, the publication is full of topical items related to the music and media industry. ‘A Deeper Look’ features take a deep dive into people and phenomena. ‘Outlook’ commentaries challenge you to look at society from a wider perspective. ‘Tips’ provide advice for advancing your career – and some fun, too. You can subscribe to news summaries and have them sent to your e-mail at your preferred intervals. You can also filter the summaries to only include your preferred topics.