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    Because music would not exist without the work of performers and producers.
    And without music, there would be less joy, well-being and great experiences in the world.

    Our work helps performing artists on phonograms and their producers be remunerated for their efforts.
    And companies and organisations to use music in a simple and responsible way that produces value.

    Annual Review 2023: A Year of Progress
    Remunerations now also from South Africa
    PME Records logo
    PME: It pays off to be a Gramex client
    Kuvassa NRJ:n studio, jossa juontaja tekemässä radio-ohjelmaa
    NRJ: A hit music radio channel does not happen by chance
    Kuvituskuva Dance Brothersista.
    Endemol Shine Finland: Dance Brothers combine dance and music
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    collected in remunerations in 2023
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    recordings with submitted phonogram reports 2023

    Why become a client?

    We exist to help you focus on what truly matters: the music.

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    Our licence search helps you find the right licence.

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    In the portal, you can submit a phonogram report and track music usage reports.

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    Frequently asked questions

    Am I entitled to remunerations?

    Do you perform on phonograms or produce them commercially? If yes, you can receive remunerations for the use of your music through us. We take care of selling licences for the music you have recorded, collecting remunerations in Finland and abroad and paying them out directly to your account.

    Why do I need a licence to use music?

    Music would not exist without the work of performers and producers.
    Through responsible use of music, you ensure that it can continue to delight, create experiences and contribute to well-being. You wouldn’t drive someone else’s car without their permission either, would you?


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