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  • Why Gramex?

    We exist to help you focus on what truly matters: the music.

    For the music – and the money

    When your song plays on the radio or TV or in a streamed programme, café, bar, hair salon or taxi or as background music in a grocery store, we help you get your statutory remuneration. We have over 32,000 locations and businesses as paying customers!

    We help you get compensated for the songs you have recorded by selling the required licences to the songs, billing for them and paying out the remunerations directly to your account – quickly and accurately. From Finland and abroad. So that you can focus on what truly matters: the music.

    Income from abroad

    The world around us becomes increasingly digitalised. And music continues to find increasingly sophisticated technical formats and new platforms that transcend national borders. This makes us work even harder for you. We collect remunerations for the use of your music from the countries on the map shown here and constantly negotiate new agreements with other countries. We are also at the forefront of developing international data transfer formats and technology. This means that we are able to collect international income for your music in an increasing fashion.

    We advocate for your interests

    Besides licence sales and remuneration payments, we work for your music on other fronts. We actively influence legislation in Finland and Europe to ensure that your rights continue to be secured in the future. We also invest into the future by funding efforts related to promotion and export of music through, for instance, Finnish Music Foundation, Music Finland and the Copyright Information and Anti-Piracy Centre. As our client, you can apply for work grants and other support from the Finnish Music Foundation and Music Finland.

    Stay on top of things

    Digital GramexPress is intended for Gramex clients and any music lovers. Edited by skilled writers, the publication is full of topical items related to the music and media industry. ‘A Deeper Look’ features take a deep dive into people and phenomena. ‘Outlook’ commentaries challenge you to look at society from a wider perspective. ‘Tips’ provide advice for advancing your career – and some fun, too. We are more than happy to share the floor with our clients – tell us your story or read about someone else’s! You can subscribe to news summaries and have them sent to your e-mail at your preferred intervals. You can also filter the summaries to only include your preferred topics.