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    Here you can find our online contact form along with various documents, instructions and rules.

    Printable forms

    Printable client agreement, private individuals
    Printable client agreement, companies or other legal entities
    Transfer of producer’s Gramex rights
    Notification of a joint production agreement
    Power of attorney for an undistributed estate

    Instructions and further information

    Sign-up instructions for MyGramex portal
    Instructions for filling out a phonogram report
    Instruction video for filling out a phonogram report
    Information for producers
    By-laws of Gramex
    Rules of distribution
    Disputes procedure
    Annual reviews
    Transparency reports
    Unidentified plays/phonograms

    Frequently asked questions

    Frequently asked questions

    Contact us!

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    Contact us

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    Tarja Henriksson
    Client Manager
    +358 10 248 9207
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    Heli Kosunen
    Service Developer
    +358 10 248 9201
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    Ilona Saarela
    Service Developer
    +358 10 248 9205