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    Wondering why your remunerations haven’t found their way to you? Check our list to see if any of your songs are in need of correction.

    Sometimes, not all recorded songs have been notified to Gramex or the phonogram report is incomplete. The usage reporting may also include songs whose rights holders, i.e. music performers or producers, could not be identified and therefore no remunerations could be passed on. These are called unidentified plays or phonograms. In such cases, Gramex will carefully investigate the matter as required by the Shared Management Act, i.e. find the rightsholder.

    From the links below, you can find out about incomplete or erroneous (e.g. no phonogram report of the song, no information about the producer or at least some of the musicians, etc.) plays reported by the music users. Please let Ilona Saarela know if you recognise your song among them.

    Unknown plays/phonograms from calendar year 2021 (updated April 9, 2024)




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