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    How do you plan to use recorded music?
    To find the right licence, just select your purpose of use. Or feel free to browse the various licences available.

    All AV productions Background music operators Customer and personnel facilities Online services Other licences Public events Radio

    AV productions

    AV presentations, companies
    Need music for AV productions used in company events?
    AV presentations, educational
    Need music for video presentations in schools?
    AV presentations, recreational
    Need music for AV presentations in a recreational setting?
    TV and streaming
    Need music for a TV or streaming programme?
    Sports broadcasts
    Need background music for sports broadcasts?

    Background music operators

    Background music service providers
    Do you sell background music services to other organisations?

    Customer and personnel facilities

    Stores and retail outlets
    Do you like to delight your customers with music?
    Restaurants and bars
    Do you use music to set a mood for your restaurant?
    Hotels and accommodation
    Do you play background music at your hotel?
    Sports facilities
    Do you need motivational music for your training facility?
    Do you want to improve your customer’s travelling experience with music?
    Cultural events and other experiences
    Do you play background music at a theatre, cinema or amusement park?
    Do you need background music for extracurricular activities?
    Office, lobby and production facilities
    Do you want to use background music at your workplace?
    Health care and nursing services
    Do you need music for your nursing services?
    Outdoor spaces
    Do you play music in your outdoor space?

    Online services

    Websites, social media and streaming
    Need music for ads or YouTube?

    Other licences

    Background music trial licences
    Would like you to test the use of background music for a reduced price?
    DJ and personal licences
    Looking for a licence for your DJ gigs?
    Municipalities and parishes
    Do you need background music for your municipality or parish?

    Public events

    Events, concerts and trade fairs
    Do you play phonograms at public events?
    Music videos at events
    Do you play music videos at events?
    Do you need background music for a camp?


    Short-term FM radio
    Do you need music for FM broadcasting for a short term only?
    Radio stations
    What would a radio station be without music?
    Community radio
    Need music for your non-profit organisation radio?
    Short-term FM and internet radio
    Do you need music for a short term only for FM broadcasting and webcasting?
    Small-scale internet radio
    Need music for a small-scale internet radio station?
    School internet radio
    Need a licence for your school’s internet radio?
    Internet radio
    Need a licence for an established internet radio station (webcasting)?
    Radio on-demand
    Do you play phonograms in an on-demand service?

    Looking for more information about licences?

    All licences that are available from us are listed on our ‘Buy licence’ page. We also have dedicated pages for the additional information in each licence card.

    Frequently asked questions about licences

    I want to use music in my podcast. Do I need a licence from Gramex?
    For using music in podcasts, you need a licence directly from the rightsholders (such as a record label). Gramex does not sell licences for using phonograms on podcasts.
    I want to set up a radio that uses music. What licences do I need?
    To use music, you need a licence from both Gramex and Teosto. The type of licence you need depends on whether you broadcast using FM frequencies, online or both. The duration of radio operations and its type also affect what licence is required. All Gramex radio licences are available on the ‘Buy licence’ page.
    I want to use music in my AV productions. Where do I get the music?
    You may get the music from, for instance, a physical recording or download it from a store, but you are not allowed to source it from services such as YouTube or SoundCloud.
    I’d like to play music from Spotify or YouTube at my customer facilities. Do I need a licence from Gramex?
    You can get a licence for playing background music in your customer facilities from musiikkiluvat.fi. Music played in the customer facilities must be from a legal source. Spotify and YouTube are not legal sources, as they are intended only for personal use as stated in their terms of use.
    I want to play music at my event. Where can I get the music?
    You can get the music from any legal source, such as physical recordings or streaming services. Please note that if your event is not a private occasion but for an audience, you need to obtain music licences here.
    When I obtain a licence from Gramex, am I required to report my music use to Gramex?
    In principle, reporting the use of music is always required to enable accurate distribution of remunerations. The reporting requirement is, however, determined by the type of licence you have obtained. So please review the agreement terms of your licence. You can find the agreement terms under the ”About the licence” link in each licence card.
    I obtained a licence from the Gramex online store. How long is the licence valid?
    The validity of the licence is stated on the agreement confirmation you have received.
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