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    Do you need music in your daily operations? Contact us to add value with music licences – easily and responsibly.

    How do I find the right licence?

    You can find the right licence based on your particular purpose of using music. Just think of how and where you need music.

    How do I benefit from using music?

    Music has a proven impact on health and well-being. It also improves sales and customer comfort. Read more about studies on the impact of music.

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    Have you produced a phonogram or performed on it?

    Do you produce music or perform it professionally? Do you occasionally work as a session musician?

    Many music users are also musicians or producers of phonograms. If you are too, you can get remunerations from us for the use of the recordings. You can make an agreement and become a client online for free.

    Additional licence information

    Gramex licences are easy to find on our website in the ‘Buy licence’ section. If you want to review the licence descriptions and terms in more detail, they are also available on the summary page below.

    More information about licences

    Ask more about licences

    See our frequently asked questions or contact our personnel for more information on licences.

    Frequently asked questions
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    Elmo Helokumpu
    Key Account Manager
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    Petri Kiiski
    Licensing Manager
    +358 10 248 9230