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    Annual reviews include a more detailed description of Gramex’s operations.


    Gramex in 2022

    In terms of numbers, the year 2022 was a success for Gramex’s rightsholders. Even though the end of the pandemic and the war in Ukraine were still weighing everything down, Gramex set new records in remuneration accrual, remunerations from abroad and efficiency. Our total cost of operations was a historically low 13.2%. Gramex and Teosto’s joint venture, GT Music Licences, also set a new record.

    These records would not have been possible without a close partnership between clients and stakeholders both in Finland and globally. The cooperation will be bolstered even more in the future: Gramex’s new strategy will be based on expert partnerships.

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    Transparency reports

    We also publish an annual transparency report in accordance with the Act on the Collective Management of Copyright.

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