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  • Our mission

    We exist so that music performers and producers could concentrate on what’s most important: music.

    We collect and pay

    We pay out remunerations to music performers and producers. In addition to the remunerations we collect ourselves, we also pay out remunerations from abroad.

    We enable

    We help in enabling the use of music in society. We provide licences for using phonograms. Remunerations are paid out to a single location instead of a complex system where the music user would need several agreements on using music and would have to pay out remunerations to each artist and producer separately.
    In addition to selling licences and paying out remunerations, Gramex promotes music in several other ways, too. We defend the rights of artists and producers and fund promotion and export of music. For instance, we fund the Finnish Music Foundation, Music Finland and the Copyright Information and Anti-Piracy Centre.

    Our strategy

    In 2023, we embarked on a whole new strategic era. Our ambitious goal is to be one of the best copyright services in the world. In practice, this means a close and insightful partnership with users, performers and producers of phonogram music both in Finland and abroad.