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    for 2023-2026

    New era for Gramex

    In 2023, we embarked on a whole new strategic era. Our ambitious goal is to be one of the best music licensing services in the world. In practice, this means a close and insightful partnership with users, performers and producers of phonogram music both in Finland and abroad.

    Kuvassa Gramexin henkilöstöä.

    At your service

    We want to help music professionals focus on what’s important: creating new experiences through music. We also help companies and organisations that use music bring added value to their operation in a simple, responsible way.

    Gramex’s strategy is to promote a society in which phonogram music produces well-being, sufficient income and added value for performers, producers and music users.

    Clear focus areas

    The world around us becomes increasingly digitalised, and music continues to find new platforms that transcend national borders. Meanwhile, the processes of selling music and distributing copyright remunerations are transforming. The competition is getting tougher – both for talent and market share.

    In these ever-changing times, clear focus areas help us concentrate on what is most important, i.e. on what we need to do to turn our goals into reality.

    Gramex focuses on:


    Music is the number one priority

    Even though we are innovative users of data and technology, music is the number one priority for us. Our operations are based on our strong values: when we build success on the foundation of music, we help bring more joy and well-being to the world.

    Our proven values, best partnerships and insightful expertise help us navigate the landscape of music even when precise plans are impossible.

    Being a best partner means that the entire Gramex organisation…

    Insightful expertise means that the entire Gramex organisation…

    Do challenge us to discuss the future and our strategy!
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