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    Gramex provides licences for radio on-demand services that are available 24/7, regardless of the listener’s location.

    Who is this for?

    The licence is intended for FM radio on-demand services that provide content for consumers 24/7 regardless of the their location. Remuneration is based on the usage of phonograms and the advertising income or the number of listeners of the service. To make the agreement, contact Gramex customer service (see bottom of page).


    The customer pays out a remuneration for phonograms used in the on-demand service. The remuneration is paid out to Gramex each month based on the price list. The remuneration is based on either a basic fee or a set percentage share. If the percentage share based remuneration is higher than the basic fee, the broadcasting company pays out the higher remuneration.

    Percentage share based remuneration €/month (2024)

    Share of phonograms of service content0> –10 %11 – 30 %31 – 50 %51 – 80 %81 – 90 %
    % share of service income, to be paid out as remuneration2 %5 %8 %13 %16 %

    Basic fee €/month (2024)

    Share of phonograms of total service content0> –10 %11 – 30 %31 – 50 %51 – 80 %81 – 90 %
    Number of listeners / month:
    < 3000110,20165,40220,50275,60330,70
    3001 – 10 000132,30220,50385,90551,20771,70
    10 001 – 50 000220,50441,00606,40882,00992,20
    50 001 – 150 000330,70661,50937,101323,001433,20
    150 001 – 300 000441,00882,001323,001874,202094,70
    300 001 – 500 000551,201102,501543,502205,002425,50
    500 001 – 700 000661,501323,001874,202646,002976,70
    700 001 –agreed separately

    If the share of phonograms is very minor or they are used only for some individual contents, a separate remuneration arrangement can be made.

    When the share of phonograms is determined, all protected recordings represented by Gramex are taken into consideration. Gramex adjusts its pricing annually based on how general income and cost levels develop. Value added tax is added to all prices.

    In terms of an on-demand service’s income, what will be considered when determining the size of remuneration?
    When determining remuneration for an on-demand licence, all income related to the on-demand service will be taken into account. These include income (excluding taxes) from advertising, adverts, sponsoring and other equivalent activities, as well as fees collected from use of the service. Exemptions include usage fees of the service that are strictly related to content that does not fall under the Gramex agreement covering phonogram use. Realised credit losses can be deducted from the income.
    In the context of on-demand licensing, what does the number of listeners mean?
    Remuneration for on-demand licences is affected by the number of listeners for the service. The number is listeners is the total of all unique (individual) listeners for the previous month’s all on-demand programmes. A listener is a person that has listened to a programme for 60 seconds or more during the past month.


    Radio stations provide data on all phonogram use in their on-demand services to Gramex each month. Performance data of the recordings is reported to Gramex as instructed in our reporting guidelines.

    Reporting guidelines (in Finnish)


    Remuneration is billed monthly based on the phonogram reports and revenue reports received from the radio station. The customer has a 14-day payment term. Penalty interest will be charged for late payments in accordance with applicable laws.

    Contact us

    Please contact us for an agreement or ask for more details!

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