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    Gramex sells licences to background music operators, i.e. companies that offer background music services and equipment to other organisations.

    Who is this for?

    This licence is intended for the so called background music operators who sell background music to their customers, and sometimes even the equipment to play it with. Usually, a background music service is a streaming service. The licence covers copying, renting and playing phonograms. The licence is required for every location music is played in.

    Please note that a location using background music (i.e. the customer of the background music operator, such as a restaurant) needs a licence for playing background music. It is available from Gramex’s and Teosto’s shared music licence store, musiikkiluvat.fi.


    Background music operator remunerations are determined by industry-specific price lists. We review our price lists each year.

    Please see our price lists and most important agreement terms:


    The background music operator submits a monthly report to Gramex. The report data includes customer locations and the music played. Reporting is necessary for correct billing and distribution of remunerations to music performers and producers.

    Explore our report templates:


    Remuneration is billed monthly based on the phonogram reports and revenue reports received from the radio station. The customer company has a 14-day payment term. Penalty interest will be charged for late payments in accordance with applicable laws.

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    Please contact us for an agreement or ask for more details!

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