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    Gramex provides you a licence for short-term FM radio broadcasting. Short-term broadcasting lasts a maximum of three months.

    Who is this for?

    Gramex sells licences for short-term FM radio broadcasting in Finland. This licence product is designed for radio broadcasting that lasts no more than three months. The licence does not cover simultaneous webcasting (so-called simulcasting) or use of music in advertisements. You can purchase the licence directly from Gramex’s online store. It takes effect immediately once paid.


    Billing and reporting

    The licence is paid upon purchase at the online store or by invoice issued by Gramex. No reporting is required for a short-term licence.

    Contact us

    Contact us if you have any further questions about a short-term FM licence.

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    Petri Kiiski
    Licensing Manager
    +358 10 248 9230