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  • Remunerations now also from South Africa

    Gramex has signed a reciprocity agreement with SAMPRA, the South African copyright society. In the future, Gramex will collect remunerations to Finnish musicians and artists for the use of their music in South Africa. In return, Gramex will also pay and collect remunerations for musicians represented by SAMPRA for the use of the music in Finland.

    “We are constantly working to expand our network of contracts. So it’s great that we have signed our first contract with an African country. Our work continues. Next, we have our eyes on Asia. Of course, we will also continue to actively work on the South African producer contract,” reveals Tuomas Talonpoika, Gramex Director.

    South Africa is the runner-up in the continent’s music market, following market leader Nigeria. In recent years, South Africa has distinguished itself particularly in the rap and hip-hop genres. The country is also home to a unique genre of music, amapiano, which is its own hybrid of house, local kwaito and jazz.

    “Of course, we can’t say much about the use of Finnish music yet, but at least metal music has been played in South Africa,” says Talonpoika.

    Gramex currently collects remunerations from more than 30 countries around the world. In recent years, the number of claims collected internationally has increased thanks to active development work.

    Find out more about SAMPRA.