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    See tips for new summer releases

    Gramex has put together a starter pack of this summer's releases, with something for every genre of music lover.


    The music app that changed everything

    Founded exactly 25 years ago, Napster broke copyright laws but forced a stagnant music industry to re-evaluate its approach.


    Annual Review 2023: A Year of Progress

    According to the latest annual review, 2023 was a significant year of development projects for Gramex. Thanks to its technological development, Gramex was able to pay out remuneration collected for music use quarterly for the first time in its history. The total amount of remuneration collected was EUR 26.05 million.


    Young music elite gather in Helsinki

    The world's best singers will once again compete against each other in the Mirjam Helin International Song Contest in Helsinki.


    Music’s visibility in the media fluctuates

    The decline of music in print media continues, but the audiovisual sector is still willing to invest in traditional formats.


    Music declared emergency

    Artists, professional orchestras and music industry organisations are calling for tougher climate action from policymakers and themselves.


    Over 250 famous artists call for reform of concert ticketing

    Illegal ticket resale has begun to be reflected in increased concert prices, particularly in the United States. They now want to change this situation.


    The share of indie releases in British music consumption continues to grow

    2023 was the sixth consecutive year of growth for the UK indie market. The growth of the sector has been driven in particular by the increasing popularity of physical formats.


    Megadeth guitarist organises guitar camp in Helsinki

    Have you ever wondered what it would be like to jam with the guitarist of a metal band that has sold tens of millions of records, and get guitar lessons at the same time? Now it's possible.


    Remunerations now also from South Africa

    Gramex has signed a reciprocity agreement with SAMPRA, the South African copyright society. In the future, Gramex will collect remunerations to Finnish musicians and artists for the use of music in South Africa. In return, Gramex will also pay and collect remunerations for musicians represented by SAMPRA for the use of their music in Finland.