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    Kuvassa pronssinen trumpetti mustalla taustalla

    Gramex Autumn Meeting decided on deductions

    Gramex's autumn meeting decided on new deductions from performers' and producers' remuneration. In 2024, a handling fee for remunerations collected from abroad will be introduced, as well as a deduction for social, cultural and educational activities for music performers.

    Kuvassa Gramexin Sari Aalto-Setälä.

    New Gramex.fi and GramexPress stand for the music

    We launched a completely redesigned website. The aim is to take digital customer service and communication to a new level. As part of the redesign, GramexPress was completely converted to digital media, with some of the content also published in English.The content of Gramex.fi is also entirely in English and Swedish.

    Picture from tv show called Unelmahäät

    Production company Filmaattiset: Music creates the atmosphere of Unelmähäät

    The production company Filmaattiset's programme Unelmahäät is a romantic wedding programme and a comprehensive cross-section of Finnish society. The timeless love stories of Finns of different ages and backgrounds are also told through music - mostly Finnish pop and pop songs. The music rights for the programme are arranged with Gramex and Teosto.

    Kuvassa NRJ:n studio, jossa juontaja tekemässä radio-ohjelmaa

    NRJ: A hit music radio channel does not happen by chance

    The international NRJ radio channel offers listeners the best of the best hits. For a radio station built around a fast-changing mix of hit music, it is important that the licensing of songs is easy and personal.

    Musician Atte Ranta.

    Atte Ranta: Distribution comes in need

    Music has been an active part of artist-musician Atte Ranta's life since school. For Atte Ranta, music copyright means both: income and control over his own work and art.

    Kuvassa sellisti Janne Aalto

    Janne Aalto: Value and appreciation for orchestral musicians

    For Tapiola Sinfonietta cellist Janne Aalto, Gramex payments are an important part of the appreciation of an orchestral musician's work. Domestic classical music recordings are now attracting more remuneration from the world than ever before. A musician who actively records can receive a considerable amount of money each year.