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    Taylor Swift returns her music to Tiktok

    Taylor Swift's decision to return her music to Tiktok goes against what she has previously fought for.

    Keskellä kuvaa mies, pitelee Fender-merkkistä bassokitaraa. Taustalla pyöreät valot niin, että miehelle näyttää muodostuvan sädekehä.

    Anssi Kela: My Top Five Instruments

    Anssi Kela is passionate about instruments and owning them. Now he shares with us which of his dozens of guitars, bass guitars and synths are dearest to his heart.


    Data: 150 radio songs list

    From country to pop, rap to hard rock - did you know that radio has inspired hundreds of songs? Gramex is launching a list of 150 radio-themed songs to celebrate RadioGala on 12 April. The gala honours the best of the year in domestic commercial radio.


    Radio is still interesting

    Radio has maintained its position as one of the favourite media in Finland. Its creators were honoured at the RadioGala in April.


    Beatles hype takes over Helsinki

    Helsinki Beatles Weekend paid tribute to one of the world's most popular bands. Recently, however, the band lost one of its popularity records.


    English music’s dominance is diminishing on Spotify

    Spotify's recent annual report shows that music consumers are now coveting local music sung in local languages. In addition to Spanish the most popular languages are German, French, Korean, Hindi and Punjabi.


    Eco-records and carbon footprint calculators – the music industry is aiming for emission reductions

    The music sector has become increasingly responsible. The latest innovation is the eco-record made from recyclable polyethylene terephthalate.


    Many new or renovated venues are now opening in Helsinki

    Helsinki's reputation as Finland's most attractive gig city has been on the decline in recent years. Is it time for a revival?


    Classical music record shop Fuga closes – moves to publishing!

    Helsinki will lose another record shop when Fuga, which specialises in classical music, goes online.


    Seven candidates compete for the 2024 Teosto Prize

    This year's Teosto Prize nominees were announced at the Port of Music in Espoo. Seven Finnish compositions published or premiered in 2023 will compete for the €40 000 prize. See all the nominees!