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  • Gramex joins Human Artistry -campaign

    19.12.2023 Sari Aalto-Setälä
    Gramex joined the global Human Artistry campaign to promote the responsible use of AI and the future of genuine creative work.

    Launched early this year in the US, the campaign aims to promote authentic, human-created art and the responsible use of AI. The campaign has published seven principles for the responsible use of AI in art and creative content.

    The principles have been signed by hundreds of organisations from more than 30 countries. In addition to Gramex, in Finland Teosto and The Society of Finnish Composers, Finnish Music Creators’ Association, The Finnish Music Publishers Association and The Finnish National Group of IFPI are involved.

    According to Juha Pihlajaniemi, Gramex’s lawyer, the campaign is important.

    “Artificial intelligence is currently being discussed in various fields around the world. Great changes are hitting also the creative sector. All this creates a sense of uncertainty about the future: how will AI affect your own work or rights?”

    “The principles made by the campaing seek to secure the future of creative work and build necessary rules in the midst of rapid technological development. These issues are important to us at Gramex,” Pihlajaniemi says.

    Find out more and join the campaign on the website.

    Seven principles by the Human Artistry Campaign.