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    Taylor Swift returns her music to Tiktok

    Taylor Swift's decision to return her music to Tiktok goes against what she has previously fought for.


    A problematic album tops the album list

    Last week's number one album on the Finnish album charts was Vultures 1, co-released by US rapper Kanye West and Ty Dolla Sign. Instead of its music, the album has been in the headlines in recent days mainly because of its copyright violations.

    Kuvassa kiharahiuksinen mies, jolla mustasankaiset silmälasit ja kaulahuivi. Taustalla maisema, jossa peltoa ja metsän reuna.

    Can artificial intelligence become OK?

    Long-time musician and AI researcher Martin Clancy believes in the potential of music. According to Clancy, when used responsibly, AI can add value to the creative process and the music ecosystem. National solutions to the problems need to be sought.


    Gramex joins Human Artistry -campaign

    Gramex joined the global Human Artistry campaign to promote the use of responsible AI and the future of genuine creative work. The principles have been signed by hundreds of organisations from more than 30 countries.

    PME Records logo

    PME: It pays off to be a Gramex client

    Gramex compensation is an integral part of the business of record company PME. For PME, copyright means not only revenue, but also recognition from music performers and producers. They encourage artists to take an interest in royalties and join Gramex.

    Musician Atte Ranta.

    Atte Ranta: Distribution comes in need

    Music has been an active part of artist-musician Atte Ranta's life since school. For Atte Ranta, music copyright means both: income and control over his own work and art.