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  • Atte Ranta: Distribution comes in need

    24.10.2023 Noora Marttila
    Music has been an active part of artist-musician Atte Ranta’s life since school. For Atte Ranta, music copyright means both: income and control over his own work and art.

    Atte Ranta started actively playing music already in the ninth grade. His career really took off in 2015, when the band Younghearted was founded. He first heard about Gramex when the band released their first songs.

    “Our producer told us to join Gramex. As a sleepyhead, it took me a while to figure out what Gramex and remunerations were. Since then, I have been in contact with Gramex many times and always things have been resolved quickly,” says Ranta.

    Gramex was founded to ensure that recording artists and music producers are compensated for their work.

    Remunerations are an important source of income for Ranta.

    “Even if it doesn’t necessarily pay the mortgage for the whole year, it’s a very good extra income besides gigging. The distribution days feel like pleasant surprises: it always come just when you need it the most,” says Ranta.

    For Ranta, copyright means not only income, but also decision-making power and control over his own work and art. He receives Gramex remunerations for his work with Younghearted and for his own English-language folk project.

    Once, for example, my folk project got me a sync deal on American Idol for the ABC channel in the US. Without the copyright, I doubt I would have ever found out about it.