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    DDEX and Gramex: efficiency through standards

    The international DDEX standardisation serves as a unifying force for the digital music industry. Gramex has been actively involved in the development of common standards.


    See tips for new summer releases

    Gramex has put together a starter pack of this summer's releases, with something for every genre of music lover.


    Music declared emergency

    Artists, professional orchestras and music industry organisations are calling for tougher climate action from policymakers and themselves.


    The share of indie releases in British music consumption continues to grow

    2023 was the sixth consecutive year of growth for the UK indie market. The growth of the sector has been driven in particular by the increasing popularity of physical formats.


    Taylor Swift returns her music to Tiktok

    Taylor Swift's decision to return her music to Tiktok goes against what she has previously fought for.


    Data: 150 radio songs list

    From country to pop, rap to hard rock - did you know that radio has inspired hundreds of songs? Gramex is launching a list of 150 radio-themed songs to celebrate RadioGala on 12 April. The gala honours the best of the year in domestic commercial radio.


    Radio is still interesting

    Radio has maintained its position as one of the favourite media in Finland. Its creators were honoured at the RadioGala in April.


    Beatles hype takes over Helsinki

    Helsinki Beatles Weekend paid tribute to one of the world's most popular bands. Recently, however, the band lost one of its popularity records.


    Classical music record shop Fuga closes – moves to publishing!

    Helsinki will lose another record shop when Fuga, which specialises in classical music, goes online.


    The CD recovery begins

    Much has been said in recent years about the increasing popularity of vinyl records. Now it seems that the CD is also making a slow comeback.