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  • Production company Filmaattiset: Music creates the atmosphere of Unelmähäät

    07.11.2023 Sari Aalto-Setälä
    The production company Filmaattiset’s programme Unelmahäät is a romantic wedding programme and a comprehensive cross-section of Finnish society. The timeless love stories of Finns of different ages and backgrounds are also told through music – mostly Finnish pop and pop songs. The music rights for the programme are arranged with Gramex and Teosto.

    Unelmahäät introduces couples of different ages and from different parts of Finland who want to make their relationship official. The main focus is on the couple and their unique love story, rather than on the wedding ceremony. Music is a central narrative tool and a mediator of the atmosphere.

    “As part of the format, the lyrics of the songs used in the programme support the couples’ love stories or comment on the wedding arrangements, for example. For me, finding music is always a joy of searching and finding,” says Timo Rossi, the series’ director and scriptwriter.

    Commercial, music made by music professionals plays a major role in the series. Finnish music is most needed, as the Finnish language serves as an interpreter of the viewers’ emotions. Other recordings are also needed.

    Kuvassa Unelmahäät-sarjan hääpari.
    Photo: Juha-Pekka Ristmeri

    “In the last episode, the bride described herself in her moisturising face mask as looking like the villain from a Halloween movie, so it was natural to play the theme song from the film in the background and mimic the unique framing of a few seconds of the horror classic in the editing,” Rossi says.

    The relationship with Gramex has been easy, smooth and enjoyable. The clear communication is particularly appreciated. The music is an investment in the quality of the programme.

    “Copyright, reporting and billing can seem like a heavy and complicated task for an av producer at first, but once you get the hang of it, it’s like a dance. Commercial music invariably raises the quality of a programme because it is always noticed and has a unique ability to create moods and meanings. Music is an investment in an av programme.”

    Kuvassa Unelmahäät-sarjan ohjaaja ja käsikirjoittaja Timo Rossi.
    “We have great respect for the work of artists and musicians, and they should be properly compensated for the work they do,” says Rossi. Photo: Petri Mulari
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