Remunerations from abroad

The foreign copyright organisations collect remunerations for the use of Finnish recordings abroad.

Compensation for Finland and Gramex is based on agreements between Gramex and foreign copyright organizations. The remunerations collected are always based on the country’s own tariffs. The distribution is based on the distribution and processing rules of each foreign organization.

Remunerations received by Gramex from abroad will always be paid to Gramex customers at the next principal distribution and payment. Gramex does not deduct its own administrative costs from the remunerations received from abroad.

The tax treatment in Finland complies with the tax legislation in force and the international tax treaties concluded by the Finnish State with other states.

Existing Settlement Agreements with foreign Copyright Organizations (situation 01.09.2019):

Performing artists

Country Organization Type of contract
Argentina CADIF B
Belgium PlayRight A
Brazil Abramus A
Spain AIE A
Netherlands SENA A
Ireland RAAP A
Iceland SFH A
United-Kingdom PPL A
Italy Nuovo IMAE A
Austria LSG A
Japan Geidankyo A
Canada ACTRA A
Canada MROC A
Croatia Huzip B – contract negotiation ongoing (A)
Latvia LaiPa A
Lithuania AGATA A
Malaysia PRISM B
Norway Gramo A
Norway Norwaco A (private copying compensation)
Portugal GDA A
France Adami A
France SPEDIDAM B – contract negotiation ongoing (A)
Romania Credidam A
Sweden SAMI A
Germany GVL A
Slovakia Slovgram A
Slovenia Zavod IPF A
Switzerland Swissperform A
Denmark Gramex A
Czechia Intergram A
Hungary EJI A
Estonia EEL A
United States AARC A (private copying compensation)
United States AFM & SAG -AFTRA A
United States SoundExchange A


Country Organization Type of contract
Brazil Abramus A
Spain Agedi A
Netherslands SENA A
United Kingdom PPL A
Italy SCF A
Canada Re:Sound A
Greece Grammo A
Latvia LaiPa A
Lithuania AGATA contract negotiation ongoing
Norway Gramo A
France SCPP contract negotiation ongoing
Sweden IFPI Sverige A
Germany GVL contract negotiation ongoing
Denmark Gramex A
Czechia Integram A
Russia RPA A
Estonia EFU A
United States AARC A (private copying compensation)
United States SoundExchange A