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    18.12.2023 Sari Aalto-Setälä
    We launched a completely redesigned website. The aim is to take digital service and communication to a new level. As part of the redesign, GramexPress was completely converted to digital media, with some of the content also published in English.The content of Gramex.fi is also entirely in English and Swedish.

    In spring 2022, we carried out an extensive client, customer and stakeholder survey. One of the clearest responses was that people want more and better quality digital presence from us. You wanted also us to improve customer service on the website.

    We are now responding to these requests. And a bit more.

    Digital client support

    Gramex.fi has many new features. In the “Q&A” section of the website, more answers are constantly being compiled to help our client and customers such as musicians, producers and music users. Simple information pack on Gramex have been put together in the “Become a client” section.

    The Buy Licence” page has been built to make the process of buying music licences as easy as possible. Annual reports and basic information can be found in the “About Gramex” section. A powerful search function on the front page makes it easy to find the content you are looking for.

    As part of our website redesign, we also updated our branding to reflect our new strategy.

    We also refined our brand and introduced a new slogan.

    The slogan “Thank you” encapsulates the attitude with which we work. We are grateful for our part in helping music to thrive and in bringing more joy, well-being and experiences to the world.

    “For the music” says what we do. Our work helps performing artists on phonograms and their producers be remunerated for their efforts. And companies and organisations to use music in a simple and responsible way that produces value.

    But the real heart of the reform is the new GramexPress.fi. We’re taking our quality media, previously published in print, to the forefront of communication in an even more versatile digital medium.

    Enabling music journalism is an important act for us on behalf of music. Also partly in English.

    Music journalism

    The new GramexPress is an entertaining way to keep up to date with what’s happening in the music world and business. We promise to report on current affairs in music and media, produced by talented journalists.

    We publish topical news on a weekly basis. Our jewel in the crown, the longer stories in the Deeper -category, are published a couple of times a month. Some of these video enhanced articles are also written in English. We trust in the quality content.

    We trust in the quality content.”

    Another major innovation is the transfer of decision-making power to the reader.

    From now on, you can decide on which topics and at which intervals you want to receive a newsletter by email. For those who are keen, there will be weekly updates. You can tailor your own subscription here. Naturally, data protection issues have also been made clearer. See the new Privacy Policy.

    We also want lots of feedback: tell us what issues and people you’d like to hear more about? What’s not working? What would you improve?

    Whether you’re a music professional, a user or just a friend –

    thank you for the music!