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    04.01.2024 Mervi Vuorela
    For those who spent their youth in the 1990s and 2000s, it’s going to be a real nostalgia summer as several of famous bands, from Don Huonot to PMMP and Kingston Wall, return to the stage.

    2024 seems to be a real comeback year for some of our favourite bands of the 1990s and 2000s. At least Don Huonot, PMMP, Suburban Tribe, Kingston Wall, Kwan and Wilma have announced their return so far.

    Don Huonot, a Finnish rock band known for their funny festival hats and hits like Hyvää yötä ja huomenta, will play 11 club gigs this spring and summer. The tour starts in Kuopio in April and ends in Helsinki in July. The gigs will feature the band’s most famous line-up, consisting of singer-guitarist Kalle Ahola, drummer Jussi Chydenius, bassist Jukka Puurula and guitarist Kie von Hertzen.

    One of the most popular Finnish bands of the early 2000s, PMMP will perform at Provinssi, Ruisrock and Ilosaarirock in the summer and two shows at the Olympic Stadium in August. The return is less surprisingly timed to coincide with Paula Vesala‘s break from her solo career.

    Heavy rock band Suburban Tribe, who took a break 13 years ago, will play five festivals this summer. Familiar from Stone and Kyyria, among others, they will stop at Ilovaari in Joensuu, Tuska in Helsinki, John Smith Rock Festival in Laukaa, Tikkurila Festival and Kuopiorock.

    Kingston Wall, one of Finland’s most renowned psychedelic rock bands, will perform at Turku Kesärauha, Ilosaarirock, Kuopiorock and Helsinki Jytäkesä Go-Go in the summer. The band includes original members Jukka Jylli and Sami Kuoppamäki and a handful of other musicians. The tour will culminate in a special concert in Helsinki Ice Hall in December.

    Kwan, who combines hip-hop with pop music, stopped by the Vain Elämää programme this year, got inspired by the experience – and decided to get back together. The band that Mariko and Tidjân dropped in 2008 will be seen in their original line-up at around a dozen festivals. So far, they have announced shows at Seinäjoki Vauhtiajot, Turku Slot Festival, Kemi Satama Open Air and Porispere.

    Wilma, which combines pop melodies with distortion guitars, is also making a return to the stage. Already in June, the cult band presented its new line-up on its Instagram pages, which includes founding members Anna Kuoppamäki (vocals) and Hans Andersson (guitar) as well as Mia Keurulainen (keyboards), Marko Nyberg (bass) and Anssi Sopanen (drums). Gigs are promised for the beginning of the year at least in Tampere, Helsinki and Turku.

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