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    QA category: Radio

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    Do radio stations report on their use of music?

    Yes. All commercial radio stations and Yle report on their...


    Which radio stations are included in the payment distribution agreement?

    All Yle channels and commercial radio stations are included.


    What is the per-minute remuneration from radio?

    Remunerations from commercial radio stations are based on amount of...


    In terms of an internet radio’s income, what will be considered when determining the size of remuneration?

    The music licence price for an internet radio can be...


    In terms of an on-demand service’s income, what will be considered when determining the size of remuneration?

    When determining remuneration for an on-demand licence, all income related...


    In the context of on-demand licensing, what does the number of listeners mean?

    Remuneration for on-demand licences is affected by the number of...


    Can I play music from Spotify or YouTube on the radio or internet radio?

    Any music played on the radio must come from a...


    I want to play music on the radio. Where can I get the music?

    You can get the music from any legal source, such...


    I’m planning an FM radio operation that will broadcast for a short time. Can I also broadcast online?

    You can obtain a short-time radio licence from the Gramex...


    I want to set up a radio that uses music. What licences do I need?

    To use music, you need a licence from both Gramex...