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    What is MyGramex?

    MyGramex is a service portal intended for Gramex’s music performer...


    How do I change my account number and update my tax rate?

    You can update your account number in the MyGramex portal....


    Where can I find the phonogram report?

    If you have reported yourself as the producer of the...


    I cannot find my song in MyGramex. Why is this?

    The song can also be missing from the MyGramex portal...


    I play on a foreign band’s song. Why can’t I see the song in MyGramex?

    Foreign producers do not automatically report songs they produce to...


    I have forgotten my MyGramex password. What should I do?

    Look for the Forgotten password link at the bottom of...


    I cannot login to MyGramex with my new e-mail address. What should I do?

    Your e-mail address is your MyGramex portal user ID. If...