Vision and Strategy 2023–2026

In January 2023, Gramex entered the new era with its strategy. Ambitious vision is to be one of the
the best music licensing services in the world.

To reach this goal, Gramex builds close and insightful partnership with music users, performers and producers, both in Finland and internationally.

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At Your Service

Music makes the world better. Recorded music makes good for us, it unites us and creates experiences that cross generations and oceans.

Music wouldn’t exist without its performers and producers. Gramex was founded so that both performers and producers would be compensated for their work.

Gramex helps music professionals to focus on what is most important: creating new experiences through music. It also helps companies and organizations to use music in value-generating, easy and responsible way.

Gramex mission is to promote a society where recorded music produces well-being, sufficient income and added value for performers, producers and music users.

Ways to Win

The world around is digitalizing, and music is finding new platforms and formats that cross national borders. At the same time, the music business, the market of music licensing and the distribution of remunerations are also changing. The competition is getting tougher – both for the best talent and for a place on the market.

In the times of uncertainty, volatility and complexity, clear focus areas are needed.

Gramex focus areas are:

  • Our distribution is quick, accurate and of the highest quality internationally.
  • We adopt data and digital solutions quickly and apply them innovatively.
  • As an expert and a responsible opinion leader in society, our positive impact is bigger than our size.
  • We are the best workplace for experts, where people feel good and enjoy their work.
  • We are a flexible partner that promotes the use of music in different situations and makes it easier.

For The Music

Even though Gramex is innovative and enthusiastic adapter of data and latest technology, the music is the most important thing for us. Gramex’s operation is based on a strong value base: when success is built from music, more joy and well-being are brought into the world. Gramex is For the Music.

Gramex values, best partner and insightful expert, helps us to navigate through the rough seas.
Best partner means, the we…

  • build a genuine, equal, and trust-based cooperation and work culture. The whole is more than the sum of the parts: organization is always more than its individuals alone.
  • communicate comprehensibly and clearly and in a way which builds dialogue.
  • work in a solution-based manner and create added value to whatever we do – both monetary and non-monetary value.
  • act efficiently and in such a way that we can justify the value we produce.
  • take care of economic, social and environmental responsibility in our operations.

Insightful expert means, that we…

  • ensure that our competence is at a world-class level and that the services are produced innovatively.
  • are truly committed to future development and technology.
  • appreciate a culture of experimentation, i.e. we try out good ideas among the first and are a quick adopters and applicators of best practices.
  • build partnerships with a vision: if we don’t know how or we can do it very well, then the partnership makes the difference!

Challenge us to a discussion about the future and our strategy!

You can contact Sari Aalto-Setälä (email:, puh. +358 10 248 9215)