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Gramex is a Copyright society of performing artists and phonogram producers in Finland.

Gramex wants to make using music easier and offers licensing services that enable the usage of phonogram music and music videos. Gramex collects remunerations to performers and producers in Finland and around the world.

If you are a performer or producers of music or if you need licenses for phonogram music, copyright society Gramex is at Your service. Gramex has more than 56 000 rightsholder client contracts with performers and producers. Gramex remunerations are collected from approximately 31 000 premises such as restaurants, stores and gyms and about 200 media licensing users.

Service for artists and producers

Gramex promotes and administers the rights, prescribed in the Copyright Act, of performing artists whose performances have been recorded on phonograms and of producers of phonograms. Gramex collects remunerations for the use of phonograms and distributes remunerations to those entitled to them.

Gramex is a non-profit organisation, governed by the representatives of artists’ and producers’ organisations. Gramex delivers almost nine tenths of the collected payments to the clients and music promotion activities. The rest is used for collecting, administering and delivering the remunerations.

Becoming a rightsholder client

If one has produced a record or other kind of phonogram or has performed on one as artist, one can become a client of Gramex.
By signing a client agreement, a rightsholder authorizes Gramex administer, within the scope defined in greater detail in the agreement, his/her rights under the Copyright Act.

> Client agreement (pdf)
> Client agreement, Foreign music & clients / Artists (pdf)
> Client agreement, Foreign music & clients / Producers (pdf)

Payment of remunerations

Gramex distributes the remunerations to the rightsholders at a subsequent date, as soon as the necessary information for the distribution is available. The division between different rightsholders of the recording is done according to the Distribution rule of Gramex.

In accordance with the Tax Withholdings Act, Gramex withholds taxes in connection with the payment of remunerations. Under this Act, withholding is not made from remunerations paid to a recipient listed in the Advance Income Tax Collection Register. The smallest remuneration to be paid is confirmed by the General Meeting.
By signing a client agreement, a performer or producer receives his/her own code number, i.e. a Gramex number. Correctness of the data given in the client agreement and their maintenance up to date are prerequisites to the distribution of remunerations.

Gramex collects and pays remunerations to rightsholders from Finland and abroad. See list of countries here.

Payment dates 2020

The necessary phonogram report

It is the obligation of the producer to submit a phonogram report to Gramex regarding each published phonogram. The phonogram report is made via the MyGramex portal or with a form confirmed by Gramex. A copy of the record sleeve/label of the record or cassette is to be appended to the report.
Phonogram report is a very, very important document. Without a correctly filled detailed report submitted by the producer, Gramex will not be able to distribute the remunerations of that phonogram to the producer and the performers.

Annual reports and transparency reports

Do you want to learn more about Gramex? The latest annual reports and transparency reports contain a lot of interesting information about Gramex activities, management and finances.

Gramex Annual Report 2019
Gramex Annual Report 2018
Gramex Annual Report 2017
Gramex Annual Report 2016
Gramex Annual Report 2015

Transparency report 2019
Transparency report 2018 
Transparency report 2017

Unidentified phonogram tracks

Gramex has made an unidentified tracks feature. The files and lists contain tracks with airplay and some other reported uses but without rightsholders in our system. The lists contain tracks from reported phonogram uses during calendar year 2017. The lists may contain some errors due to wrongful identification information received.

Contact: silja.sinnemaki[at]

Unindentified/Unclaimed tracks from calendar year 2017 (24.08.2020):
– Radio Airplays 2017
– Others 2017

Gramex gives corona support

Musicians and producers are in great need of money due to coronavirus. Gramex wants to help in the situation.  Therefore Gramex carried out the distribution of remuneration for this spring around a month earlier (in April instead of May) and after that organized a corona support package worth 1,8 million euros.
This 1,8 million euros is distributed partly through the music performers and producers foundations and partly in the form of expedited distribution of remuneration to producers in August. Gramex-funded support could be applied for, for instance under the name of the Musicians Union’s corona grant with the Musicians Union’s own app in June.> Read more. 

Here is information to our clients using background music:
> Information about background music licenses and coronavirus.


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Licencing services for users of music +358 50 518 9893
Media contacts +358 50 518 9894

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MyGramex is a service portal for both performer- and producer customers of Gramex. In MyGramex you can update and check your contact and tax information and see your individual recording information, usage data and distribution statements.
If you are a new user of MyGramex service, you need to register as a user first. After registration, you will receive a confirmation link to the email address you have provided.
In the future, it will also be possible to submit phonogram reports through MyGramex-portal.


Licenses for using phonogram music and music videos

Gramex licenses for public performance of background music and music videos in premises open to the public (e.g. restaurants, shops, hairdressers, waiting rooms etc.) are sold by

Gramex licenses for public performance of phonogram music and music videos in events open to the public (e.g. fairs, concerts, sport events etc) are sold by Teosto.
> Go get a license at Teosto website

Gramex grants licences for the use of phonograms in media such as radio and television broadcasting, internet simulcasting or webcasting and limited use on demand services.
> Contact Elmo Helokumpu or Anne Kujanpää, tel: +358 50 518 9893 and email: