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    How is the protection given to a work different from related rights?

    Protection of a work is warranted when a creative work is made, such as a composition or lyrics that meet the threshold of originality. Threshold of originality is met when a creative work is considered sufficiently original and unique. The term of protection given to a work is valid for 70 years after the death of its author. The related rights for phonograms are very similar to the protection given to a work, but the term of protection is calculated in a slightly different way. In principle, the term of protection for performers and producers of phonograms is 70 years from the publication of the phonogram. The term of protection for phonograms was extended in 2013 and we are still in a transition concerning the protection term. If a phonogram was recorded and published before 1963, the protection term at the time was only 50 years, and the phonogram is therefore no longer protected for Gramex rights. However, the work itself may still be protected.