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License for public performing of music or music videos

The law requires You to pay remumeration, when you perform publicly phonograms (recorded music, for instance cd's or radio) or music videos.

To facilitate collection of fees, artists and producers entitled to remuneration have passed the control of their right to a special common control society. The copyright society of performing artists and producers of phonograms in Finland is Gramex. Your legal duty is conveniently discharged by payment of fees to Gramex.

A public performance includes the playing of phonogram music in premises or events open to the public. A fee is payable for the performance of music in e.g. restaurants, shops, public transport, hairdressers and public events.

Also non-profit. The duty of remuneration  includes also public corporations, such as district councils and parishes, ngo's and other non-profit organizations.

Regardless of the source. Music may be performed through radio, television, CD or casette player, computer, etc. It should be remembered that a fee is payable for all performing of phonogram music, regardless of the source of the music. Nor does it make any difference how many listeners the performance attracts at a time; it could be a case of a mass event attracting tens of thousands, or a doctor"s surgery with a single listener.

Music videos and DVD"s. Permission to perform music videos must be sought from video producers. They are represented by IFPI Finland, which has appointed Gramex to draw up agreements and to collect remunerations for the performance of videos in public places.

Get the license

  • For  public performance in premises open to the public (in e.g. restaurants, shops, public transport, hairdressers, waiting rooms etc) the licenses are sold by Musiikkiluvat.fi. Website:  www.musiikkiluvat.fi, email: asiakaspalvelu@musiikkiluvat.fi. Phone: 030 6705 030*.
* You can check on the websites of Musiikkiluvat.fi and Teosto the current cost for calling these numbers

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