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Copying music 

Law requires You to get a license, if you want to copy  cd's or any other kind of recorded music (phonograms) for other than private, personal use.

In addition, a broadcasting organization may copy a phonogram using its own equipment for its own broadcasts, subject to limitations concerning the number of times it is used and the duration of use.

Licenses for copying music to be used in events or premises open to public are sold  on behalf of Gramex by musiikkiluvat.fi.

  • website:  www.musiikkiluvat.fi
  • email: asiakaspalvelu@musiikkiluvat.fi
  • phone:  030 6705 030 *

* Calling Musiikkiluvat.fi customer service costs 8.35 eurocents per call + 8.83 per minute from a Finnish landline, and from a Finnish mobile phone 8.35 eurocents per call and 22.32 eurocents per minute