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Gramex rightsholders' Client Agreement renewed

Finnish Musicians’ Union’s, Musiikkituottajat – IFPI Finland’s and SOLO ry’s representatives adopted the reform of Gramex’s client agreement. The reform was adopted unanimously at the General Assembly of Gramex in 30th of May 2017. The adopted changes will clarify Gramex rightsholders’ rights and enhance Gramex’s opportunities to collect remunerations and royalties for clients -  also from outside of Finland.

The client agreement’s reform came into force 15th of October 2017, and the revisions are more closely related to the clientship and to the authorizing of Gramex. Also, individual technical changes have been made to the Agreement.

The Form of Uses and Rights (Client Agreement 1 §)

The Form of Uses and the Rights will be refined to better respond to changed existing uses of phonograms and related rights’ International classifications. Refined forms of use and rights are as follows:


The General Assembly of Gramex shall decide the extent to which the rights and forms of use transferred into the administration of Gramex will be administered. The prevailing scope of administering authority is defined on Gramex’s website.

Restricting the Authorization (Client Agreement 2-4 §)

In principle, the client’s authorization is in force for all forms of use administered by Gramex and the authorization is in force worldwide. However, the Client may, if he/she so desires, exclude certain forms of use or certain countries from Gramex’s administering authority. This  kind of notifications of restriction shall be made to Gramex with a separate notification by mail or in the future using the right holder customers’ online service.

Client’s right to internal appeal process (Client Agreement 15 §)

The Client has a separate right to appeal matters through the appeal process defined in Gramex’s rules, in the event that the matter concerns procedures, neglect or a decision on the part of Gramex that has an impact on the rights or interests of the Client according to the Act on Collective Management of Copyright.

Client’s Data Transferring (Client Agreement 17 §)

Gramex has a right to transfer Client’s personal and contact information outside of Finland to collect, administer and distribute remunerations, as well as to international data systems that support and carry out of collection and distribution of remunerations.

Reforms into force automatically

The Client Agreement’s reforms are effective automatically from 15th of October 2017 without any action from the Client.  If you do not want to accept the new Client Agreement, you will have to terminate it by declaring your termination to Gramex in writing prior to the end of 2017. Otherwise your authorization will continue automatically following the new Client Agreement.

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