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Gramex client agreement

If you produce a record or other kind of phonogram or perform on one as artist, You can become a client of Gramex. 

Clients of GRAMEX are performers and phonogram producers who have signed a Client agreement with Gramex.

A client relationship can come into existence only after a producer has produced a phonogram or after a performer's performance has been recorded on a phonogram.

By signing a client agreement a right-holder authorizes GRAMEX to administer, within the scope defined in greater detail in the agreement, his/her rights under the Copyright Act.

Gramex number. By signing a client agreement a performer or producer receives his/her own code number, i.e. a GRAMEX number.

Correctness of the data given in the client agreement and their maintenance up to date are prerequisites to the distribution of GRAMEX remunerations.

Free of charge. Becoming a client costs You nothing as there are no "membership fees".

> Client agreement (pdf)
> Client agreement, Foreign music & clients / Artists (pdf)
> Client agreement, Foreign music & clients / Producers (pdf)

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