Using music

Using phonogrammic music  and music videos

At your service. Do You want to use cd's or other type of phonograms or maybe music videos? In that case copyright society Gramex is at Your service.

The law requires to pay remuneration, if  one performs publicly cd's or any other type of recorded music (phonograms) and to  get a license, if  one  copies music for other than private, personal use.  

Also music videos are protected by copyright law. So you need a license, if you want to perform publicly music videos.

Gramex  - The copyright society of performing artists and producers of phonograms in Finland  - helps You to handle copyright issues conviniently. Your legal duty is conveniently discharged by getting the required licenses and paying the fees to Gramex.

Gramex can help you with copyright issues  in the following areas:

1, A public performance of music. This includes the playing of phonogram music in premises or events open to the public. A fee is payable for the performance of music in e.g. restaurants, shops, public transport, hairdressers and public events.

2. Copying/reproducing music. A phonogram can be reproduced (copied) for other than private, personal use only with a consent of the producer and the performers of that phonogram. Gramex  grants licenses for the copying of sound recordings for certain uses.

3. A public performance of music videos. You can get a lisence from Gramex, which  entitels you to perform music videos, DVD:s or music TV -program in public.

4. Radio, TV- and Internet.  Gramex grants lisences and collects remunerations for the use of phonograms in digital media, such as radio and television broadcasting,  internet simulcasting or webcasting and limited use on demand-services.

Note: Gramex represents the performing artists and producers of phonograms.  When we refer to "music" on this website, the word means phonographic music .